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My best friend is extremely allergic to pads. She discovered that she had become allergic after her second baby. She has tried everything, but even the organic pads caused a terrible reaction. She just had her 4th baby and of course, was dreading after because she is out of options as early of what she can use. I sent her a couple of Cherish pads to try out and she was completely WOWED! She did NOT have any reaction!

She is so happy that finally there is a safe product that she can use, that she is not allergic to and that keeps her comfortable and dry for so long! She said she believes in this product and will be a customer for life!!



Williamsburg, Va.

I am the mother of five daughters. My youngest daughter has suffered symptoms of extreme pelvic pain, cramping, and projectile vomiting, that has resulted in us taking her to the emergency room several times over the past year. After numerous tests, examinations, and visits to different medical specialists, the final conclusion was that she was suffering from a rare case extreme severe cramps.

They prescribed her a powerful narcotic to help with the pain which I was not happy with at all. I felt totally helpless when I had to watch my daughter suffer. I literally prayed for a solution. I received a link to a video that caught my curiosity so I watched it. The information on that video was literally the answer to my prayer. Everything it covered made sense and explained the possible source to my daughter’s suffering. I was able to get samples of the product back in March and I immediately disposed of the product she was using. The first day of her cycle she was in pain as usual but she used the Cherish pad. By the end of the day she came to me and said “Mom, these pads really work. My pain is barely noticeable.” The second day she had NO pain. And she has been pain-free since. Cherish has truly been a God-Send for me and my daughter.

Donna P.

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