About Us


Our family started with one product. With that we dreamed for a world with safe, toxic free products, is today carried forth by our community of Knowledge4Lyfe Affiliate Partners. Composed of thousands of Men & Women across the U.S., we are in the business of finding all-natural solutions for Men & Women ­— for all people, for the environment, for your home and for the next generation.

Knowledge4Lyfe Mission.

We think it’s equally important to become Knowledge4Lyfe Educators when choosing personal care and home products.

Because it’s not only what you put IN your body, but it’s also what you put ON your body and the cleaning products you use at home that can affect your health.

At K4L our primary mission is to share this important information and to provide safe, effective and trustworthy alternatives.

A Passionate Community!

Knowledge4Lyfe Affiliate Partners come from all walks of life. From teachers, engineers, healthcare professionals, stay-at-home mom and dads, & athletic men and women.

They give their all when it comes to educating our customer; customer service is our number one priority.

This is a community that is passionate about helping our fellow man & woman, as we help others we help ourselves.

Safe, effective, all-natural solutions products, that is trustworthy for you and your home!